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SuperDeck Systems offers both floating trail systems and non-floating trail systems that can be utilized separately or together to navigate any topography.

Unique to SuperDeck Systems is our 15 degree angle sections allowing slight turns or sharp turns to maneuver around any obstacles or environmental feature.

If you would like a cost estimate for a floating or non-floating section of trail, enter the overall length in feet below next to the desired width of your trail.

Deck & Floats... Floating Trail

Decking w/o Floats... Non-Floating Trail

2' Wide Floating Trail

2' Wide Non-Floating Trail

3.5' Wide Floating Trail

3.5' Wide Non-Floating Trail

5' Wide Floating Trail

5' Wide Non-Floating Trail

7' Wide Floating Trail

7' Wide Non-Floating Trail

10' Wide Floating Trail

10' Wide Non-Floating Trail

If you need an estimate for a trail over 10' wide, please call us at 1-800-355-4093


Please note: You will receive an email from us with your specs and a cost estimate for the sections that you entered above. Shipping, assembly and anchoring are additional.