SuperDeck Floating Dock System SuperDeck ADA Compliant Dock System
SuperDeck Floating Dock System
Nature Trail

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Nature Trail

Superdeck, The Natural Choice

Equally at home in wetlands, bogs, sand dunes, and marshes, Superdeck provides an excellent base for observation decks, marsh walkways and bog paths, especially in remote areas where maintenance of traditional decking can be costly and difficult.


Superdeck nature boardwalks are easy to move to new configurations to accommodate changes in season or programs. Designed to be environmentally safe, Superdeck minimizes any disruption to plant, animal and aquatic life.



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  • ADA, DNR, US Army Corp of Engineers & Coast Guard complied requirements
  • Low-maintenance, no-bounce, non-skid, color-stabilized polyethylene surface
  • Flex design for strength and durability
  • Patented versatile design allows for piling, pole or deadweight anchorage
  • Wheel Chair Accessible
  • Factory direct pricing
Nature Trail

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