SuperDeck Floating Dock System SuperDeck ADA Compliant Dock System
SuperDeck Floating Dock System
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Residential Docks and Decks

Long-lasting polyethylene Superdeck pays for itself in maintenance savings.  Superdeck applies aerospace technology, using monocoque style internal bracing, to waterfront applications. That's what gives Superdeck its amazing strength and durability while keeping the components surprisingly light and easy to install.


Perfect for bridges and walkways, Superdeck's non-skid decking can be used in and around the marina to provide a low-maintenance and highly attractive system that never looks weather-beaten, season after unpredictable season.



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  • Patented environmentally friendly
    "Flow Through" float design allows:
  • Light to pass through to aquatic vegetation.
  • Water, debris, plant and wildlife to pass through underneath the dock.
  • Safe zones for swimmers unlike other floating docks
  • Easy installation requiring no special tools
  • Light weight for easy moving and storage
  • Modular system for maximum flexibility
Residential Docks and Decks


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