SuperDeck Floating Dock System SuperDeck ADA Compliant Dock System
SuperDeck Floating Dock System

System Specifications

Installs easily

Tender and cool on feet

Designed for strength and durability


  • Patented environmentally friendly
    "Flow Through" float design allows:
  • Light to pass through to aquatic vegetation.
  • Water, debris, plant and wildlife to pass through underneath the dock.
  • Safe zones for swimmers unlike other floating docks
  • Easy installation requiring no special tools
  • Light weight for easy moving and storage
  • Modular system for maximum flexibility
  • Long-lasting polyethylene SuperDeck pays for itself in maintenance savings
  • Three deck and float widths (24", 42" & 60")
  • Versatile - 3 different anchoring Methods for any water depth from shallow to deep
  • Wheel Chair Accessible
  • Light color stays cool underfoot
  • Flex design for strength and durability
  • Patented Non-slip surface
  • Maintenance-free stainless steel hardware
  • No splits, splinters, nail-pop, rusty nails, metal straps or rot
  • Expandable - add on sections or reconfigure
  • Impervious to Gas and Oil Spills
  • Naturally Corrosion Resistant
  • Rugged Construction - for years of heavy use
  • Patented versatile design allows for piling, pole or deadweight anchorage
  • Low-maintenance, no-bounce, non-skid, color-stabilized polyethylene surface
  • ADA Compliant, DNR, US Army Corp of Engineers & Coast Guard complied requirements
  • Factory direct pricing


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System Specifications

A floating dock system, heavy duty commercial type, designed and constructed with the following minimum requirements:

A. Drawing #
B. Floating dock system shall be designed as five foot long modular units to
facilitate interchange ability, flexibility of design, and maintenance ability.
A. Vertical Loads
  1. Dead loads shall consist of the entire weight of the floating structure.
  2. Flotation shall consist of the entire weight of the floating structure.
  3. Freeboard
  a.) Flotation shall provide freeboard of 17.00 inches under dead load of dock
section. The dock is to float level under dead load conditions.
  b.) Flotation shall provide 9.00 to 11.00 inches of freeboard under dead load plus a 20 psf uniform live load.
  4. Deck surface shall withstand a punching shear stress of 150 psi.
  5. The floating structures shall be designed to resist a 400 pound concentrated vertical load at any point on the deck surface without violation of the freeboard design requirement.
B. Horizontal Loads
    A uniform horizontal wind loading from any direction shall be equal to 150 plf with a safety factor.





42" x 42" x 8" size, 400# flotation
42" x 42"h x 16" size, 900# flotation
42" x 24" x 16" size, 600# flotation

60" x 60" x 16" size, 1700# flotation

Flotation shall consist of 100% virgin grade material, ultra-violet stabilized, Linear low density pre-molded shell with compartmentalized air for secondary flotation. Flotation units shall be of one-piece rotational molded structure. Flotation units design to provide two (2) 4-1/4" square grooves for utilities.


Linear low density polyethylene products shall meet the following standards:

Property ASTM Normal Values
Minimum Thickness (inches)  
Density, D1505
Tensile@Break.psi D638
Low Temperature Brittleness  
50% Failure @ degrees  C D746
  2. Maintenance
    Flotation units shall be low maintenance. Flotation units are considered as
being part of the floating dock from the deck to bottom of the flotation units.
  3. Flotation Integrity
    Flotation units shall be designed to maintain buoyancy if structurally damaged. Connections of the flotation units shall be so designed that the dock acts as one unit. One unit does not deflect without adjacent units deflecting.
  4. Fire Resistant
    Flotation units shall be of fire resistant construction.
B. Support Member - 3" x 3" x 1/8" square tube
    Structural frame shall be fabricated from galvanized steel tubing bolted to decking with 3/8" diameter AISI 18-8 steel, stainless bolts, washers and nuts.
C. Connections
  1. Connections shall be designed so the units may be disconnected and moved.
Material to be hot dip galvanized or stainless steel.
  2. Individual structural units shall be bolted together with 3/8" to 1/2"
diameter AISI 18-8 grade B5M stainless steel bolts.
  3. Deck materials shall be fastened to float with 3/8 to 1/2" diameter
AISI 18-8 grade stainless steel bolts, washers and nuts.
  D. Decking

3-1/2 ' x 5 ' x 3-1/4" x .250 wall, .250# flotation
2 ' x 5 ' x 3-1/4" x .250 wall, 140# flotation

5 ' x 7-1/2 ' x 4" x .250 wall, 776# flotation

Deck material shall be 100% virgin grade, ultra violet stabilized, medium
density polyethylene. Deck shall be filled with polyurethane foam. Deck shall be low maintenance with non-skid textured surface. Deck design must allow the total floating dock system to “flex” during inclement weather and heavy wave action to prevent dock failure. The deck material shall meet the following standards:


Property ASTM Nominal
Minimum Thickness (inches)  
Density, D1505
Tensile@Yield of Break.psi D638
Torsional Stiffness, psi D1043
Flexural Stiffness, psi D747
Vicat Softening Pr., 0 deg. C D1525
Low Temperature Brittleness  
50% Failure @ degrees  C D746



Dock anchorage connections shall be designed to handle a predetermined size pole/piling or cable/anchor system.



    Tie down cleats shall be 10" size. They shall be fabricated from aluminum
#356 or equal. All mounting hardware to be AISI 18-8 grade stainless steel.